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An Introduction To The Characters

In this post I am going to introduce the people in my film and why I have chosen to have these characters, their personalities and their motivations, and what they represent thematically and narratively. As am I working within the genre of satire, it allows me to have characters who are created primarily to embody critiques that I have of, in this case the judicial system e.g. the arrogant and self-obsessed solicitor or the over-zealous prosecutor.


The protagonist of my film, Nina is a hard-working and dedicated young women who is becoming more and more disillusioned with her life. She has been working as a fiscal for the past four years and has ambitions to work at a much higher level either as a prosecutor in the high court or to practise at the bar. She finds her current job, and by consequence her life, to be monotonous, tedious and deeply unfulfilling. She does not like her colleagues Trevor and Chantelle because of their seemingly care-free and uncritical attitudes, although she does get on with her immediate co-worker, Gordon.

Nina’s lack of fulfilment has made her embittered and consequently she has developed a single-minded attitude to bettering her situation. As a result she neglects her mental health, she has secluded herself socially and often overly exerts herself to get work done. Although she is unaware of this, she is heading towards her breaking point.


Gordon is similar to Nina in he is a competent and dedicated member of the fiscal but he is much older and feels like he has wasted his life. When the opportunity arises for him to get the break he has wanted for years, he is determined to get it regardless of any malpractices he may undertake to get it. This is the same promotion that Nina is vying for and the central conflict within the film. Gordon is acerbic, irritable and has a disdain for post-modernism but is funny and cares for Nina as he recognises that she is bright and industrious unlike their other colleagues.


Trevor is a boy in his early 30s. He is not particularly ambitious and lives at home with his parents. His primary role in the fiscal is to read through arrests and summary complaints from the police and decide whether they are worthy to go to trial. Trevor has limited critical faculties and his years of being smothered and pampered have made him unable to distinguish real criminality from vexatious complaints. He is infantile, incompetent, lazy and combative. He also resents Nina and Gordon constantly being the ones to prosecute the cases of great significance like one featured in the film.


Chantelle studied criminology and didn’t know what to do with her degree and so became a fiscal in her local town. Her role is primarily to answer the phone and aid queries. Her job allows her to be able to be sociable and keep up her relationships at the weekend. As a result, she is only character in the whole film who is happy and fulfilled in their life. However it is exactly her apathetic and unambitious approach to life which is what Nina cannot stand about her.


Raymond is a solicitor representing the accused – Mr Blackett, a local businessman who may or may not have been complicit an accident resulting in the death of one of his employees. Raymond started Raymond Hammond’s Soliciting Firm (Established. 1982, Bankrupt. 1983). Despite his serious financial and career disasters he is vapid and self-obsessed – probably listens to Duran Duran. Now he mostly represents disgruntled farmers and beekeepers around the West of Scotland. Raymond hates nothing more than precocious witnesses and always tries to work “I think you are a very presumptuous young man,” into every one of his cross-examinations. Raymond considers himself a man of the people and is a strong supporter of Scottish Independence, he attributes these sentiments to viewing the Scottish scenery every day out the window of his Hyundai Azera. He wears his watch on his right wrist and wears his trademark tartan suit to court.


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